The Business Coaches Network  brings together a network of driven and experienced Business Coaches, whose mission is focused to support and coach Mid-Sized Enterprises growth companies. Under the motto of ‘Smart Human Capital’, the Business Coaches Network aims to innovate and sustain businesses. We provide this through our four core activities:


Business Coaching: Business executives and/or their management teams can call upon their own coach as a highly skilled professional sparring partner.

Advisory Boards: Entrepreneurs can surround themselves with a complementary mixture of our High Level Coaches who can also be an excellent sounding board for company advice.

Strategy: Our coaches help business leaders with their strategic challenges and missions.

Implementation: Our coaches work alongside and operationally to execute all implementation projects in a sustainable and successful manner.


Businesses today are increasingly confronted with rapid changes and technological evolutions that require business leaders and their management teams to deliver substantial growth and often times even ensure survivability of the companies.

Business Coaches Network finds that there are often unknown and thus underutilized knowledge and know-how pockets that are simply overlooked in the management teams as well as at the workplace. These nuggets can surely improve the work and business climate of the companies if they would be uncovered timely.

Business Coaches Network has created an extensive network of complementary teams that cooperates and supports businesses in all stages of its life: start-up, early stage, fast growth, mature phase and transfer. With the usage of this Business Coaches network, entrepreneurs can be advised and coached on all relevant business themes and topics, always providing key tailored proposals to the business at the time.

After all, the best guide to anything is always someone who has repeatedly done it successfully on multiple occasions, right?